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Empower your Case Data with AI

Equip your law firm or company with Legalyze.ai to streamline your legal case research and document analysis process. Create summaries, timelines, and procedural documents quickly, freeing up time for what matters most — winning cases.

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Revolutionizing Case Research with AI

Our intelligent platform is designed to work alongside your team, providing rapid insights, summaries, and answers to specific questions about your case documents.

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Document Summaries in Seconds
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AI-Assisted Analysis
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Supports PDFs, .docx, .xls, and scanned files
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Externally Security Tested
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"Legalyze has become indispensable in our motion practice trial preparations for all our complex civil litigation.  It can save you hundreds of man hours of document review by categorizing all your documents and highlighting key words virtually instantaneously. You can ask it to look through records and locate a word or phrase, or show you a particular person’s testimony in a transcript. It is an amazing tool."

Elizabeth Bingham

Chief of Election Litigation & Civil Litigation Division


Legalyze uses AI to summarize and extract key points from any legal document of any size. Upload a document and ask our AI to answer specific questions about the document, saving your staff valuable time.

AI for Legal Summaries

Legalyze uses AI to summarize and extract key points from documents of any size. Legalyze provides sources with page numbers for every answer. Upload any Word document, PDF, scanned document, or spreadsheet!

AI for Document Creation

Use AI to quickly generate documents using your existing case documents as context. You can generate these using all of your documents or an individual document

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Secure AI for Lawyers

Legalyze never uses customer data to train its AI models. Legalyze also periodically undergoes external security tests, and has passed extensive security reviews at large law firms.

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Fast AI for Lawyers

Instantly ask questions to your entire set of case files and immediately see the exact documents and pages that Legalyze.ai referenced to deliver the answer.


Legalyze.ai Base Plan

1-week free trial
  • Unlimited Case Docs
  • Unlimited AI queries
  • Unlimited Document Generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, Legalyze.ai offers a 1-week free trial for all law firms and companies.

Is Legalyze.ai secure?

Yes, Legalyze.ai has undergone an extensive third-party security pentest. This report is available upon request. All data in the system in encrypted.

Are the AI models trained on my data?

Our AI models, powered by OpenAI's API and Anthropic's API, do not train on your data. For private AI models, contact us about Legalyze.ai's Enterprise plan.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely and encrypted on AWS servers under Legalyze.ai's control. Full files are never sent to OpenAI. Legalyze.ai uses machine learning to determine the relevant context to send to the AI model.