ChatGPT for Lawyers:

Use Legalyze's AI app to more reliably summarize and review your documents compared to ChatGPT. Upload your case documents and ask Legalyze to answer specific questions about the case, saving you valuable time. Unlike ChatGPT, never uses your data for model training.

Leading ChatGPT for Lawyers Platform

The Leading ChatGPT for Lawyers Platform

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Analyze All Types of Documents

Our AI software accepts uploads of all your key document types including Word docs, PDFs, Images, and Spreadsheets.

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Saves Hours of Manual Review Time

Automating summarization with AI saves vast amounts of time compared to human summarization.

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Customizable to Your Specific Needs

Choose key points to focus on, terminology, length, and other attributes. Legalyze adapts to your specific use case for the best results.


"Legalyze has become indispensable in our motion practice trial preparations for all our complex civil litigation."

Elizabeth Bingham

Chief of Election Litigation & Civil Litigation Division

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, offers a 2-week free trial for all law firms.

Is secure?

Yes, has undergone an extensive third-party security pentest. This report is available upon request. All data in the system in encrypted.

Are the AI models trained on my data?

No, we use the OpenAI developer API, which does not use your data to train its models. Privately hosted AI models are available under Legalyze's Enterprise plan.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely and encrypted on AWS servers under's control. Full files are never sent to OpenAI. uses machine learning to determine the relevant context to send to the AI model.

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