Secure AI for Legal Work: How Protects Lawyers and Documents provides a secure way for lawyers to use AI

Secure AI for Legal Work: How Protects Lawyers and Documents

Lawyers handle highly sensitive client information daily. As artificial intelligence systems become more integrated into legal work, security and privacy are paramount concerns. offers lawyers an AI-powered tool to analyze legal documents. It acts like a ChatGPT for Lawyers- lawyers can ask questions about documents they upload and receive answers summarizing key details. This allows lawyers to extract insights faster without compromising confidential data.

Importantly, does not train its system on user documents. Many AI systems learn from user content, which raises ethical issues. Instead, relies only on its pre-existing models to understand text. This ensures user documents remain protected on's secure servers.

Additionally, employs best practices like encryption and access controls to safeguard document privacy.

AI has potential to transform legal work, but should not come at the cost of security or privacy. Tools like aim to provide helpful AI capability while reassuring lawyers their documents remain confidential. Interested in trying out Learn more about our AI Legal Assistant.